MBA in Croatia at ZSEM

The programs at ZSEM are developed in accordance with the AACSB and EQUIS standards, and they are fully in line with the Bologna Declaration. Because of the quality of its programs and their performance, as well as a very successful international cooperation, Eduniversal declared ZSEM to be the best business school in Croatia every year in a row from 2008 to 2015.

At the 2015 Eduniversal World Convention at Harvard University, ZSEM was awarded 4 Palmes of Excellence which is given to top business schools with international reputations at national and global levels. ZSEM, which received 211 points from 50 deans from renown business schools worldwide, is the only school in Croatia to have been awarded 4 Palmes of Excellence. With this award, ZSEM has established itself amongst the best business schools in the world, thanks to the efforts made by all of its generations of students and its faculty and staff as well as its friends within the business community which support ZSEM.

In 2015, Eduniversal has once again published its list of the best MBA programs in the world, and once again the MBA specializations of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management are at the very top of their list for our region. In every category in which ZSEM has an MBA specialization in Croatia, we can proudly say that our MBA specializations are the best in Croatia.

The following MBA specializations of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management were included in Eduniversal’s list of the best in Eastern Europe in 2015, ahead of programs offered by many esteemed and respected institutions: Human Resource Management (3rd place); Accounting, Auditing, and Taxes (4th place); Marketing (4th place) and General MBA (15th place).

We are also especially proud of our  Quantitative Finance MBA specialization wich is once again among the best  100 in the world (54th place) in strong competition (including Stanford, Columbia and Yale).

ZSEM ensures for its students:

  • alignment with methods and contents of studies in the countries which adhere to the Bologna Declaration, with the aim of the diploma being fully acknowledged by those countries
  • accredited, acknowledged qualification and 60 ECTS credits in line with the Bologna Declaration, which will be appreciated by companies/institutions in Croatia and abroad
  • programs oriented towards wider business sectors formed according to the needs of personal, cultural and professional development of each candidate, complemented by necessary skills and knowledge from the field of business management
  • emphasis on students, methods of interactive work in smaller groups, which gives students the opportunity to put theory into practice (in a controlled school environment)
  • modern programs, which use a selected literature of renowned world and domestic authors (in English or in Croatian translation)
  • interactive classes that make use of case studies and simulations, communication via video-conferencing – offering students additional possibility to exchange their experiences with professors from American and other universities, and get answers to possible questions
  • distinguished faculty from Croatia and abroad, as well as from renowned companies
  • the opportunity for international exchange at one of the world-known universities and business schools without additional tuition costs
  • professional development without the slightest interruption of one's career – all lectures take place in the afternoon
  • the possibility to continue their education at the doctoral level within the context of the ZSEM international cooperation.

At Zagreb School of Economics and Management, graduate programs last one year, i.e. two semesters, and, upon the completion of their studies, students are awarded the academic degree of a Master of Business Administration in their respective study field, and they also obtain 60 ECTS.

ECTS /Number of hours

Upon the completion of the program, students obtain 60 ECTS credits.

Modern teaching methods

The goal of the program is to develop interaction with students through lectures which include the optimal blend of theory and practice.

The studies include:

  • lectures and work with faculty from renowned European and American business schools
  • distinguished experts from both Croatian and international business communities as guest lecturers
  • transferring world business practice and tendencies into the Croatian framework
  • case studies
  • simulations and role plays
  • individual and group projects
  • using the platform for distance learning – Blackboard


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