After finishing my undergraduate studies, I wanted to focus in the field I've been working in while studying. MBA in Supply Chain Management was the optimal choice with plenty of opportunities to visit and hear from the experts in a plethora of different companies and learn new applicable skills that can be put to work during your career. Our hosts at the various companies ask for feedback and ideas and show the students the possibilities of applying for positions in such companies. The professors and guest speakers are all people that have worked in the field and are keen to pass on their knowledge to students. It’s a great choice for those interested in SCM.
Ivor Omerzo
I like studying at the MBA Marketing program because the classes and lectures are connected with real life and real cases. One of my favourite classes was Markstrat, becasuse we got to simulate a market when introducing new products with many competitors. We learnt how for example, changes in price and product characteristics effect sales revenues and market share. I strongly recommend this course and program to everyone.
Dominik Čorić
Slavonski Brod
From the beginning I had very high expectations about the MBA program at ZSEM, including both the subject courses and the professors. The thing that I liked the most was the way of teaching, especially from the international professors who encourage each lecture to have discussions and where students are encouraged to give their opinions. I also liked that the professors gave real life examples in class. Another thing that I liked about the program is that in both semesters, there were many international students so I had the opportunity to make friends from all over the world.
Matea Sokolar
Life is much more easier when you realize what you really want. After I completed my undergraduate degree I didn't know which Master program to enroll. I researched a lot and I saw how important Supply Chain is. Creating additional value on the market is very difficult, boundaries are open with bunch of competitors. Customers are very spoiled today and companies need to offer not just a good product, service is important as well. Therefore, Double Degree Master program was excellent choice. In Zagreb School of Economics and Management I enrolled General MBA program and I enriched my knowledge in all fields of economy. I specialized myself in Supply Chain Management program at KEDGE Business School, Bordeaux, France. The Master in Supply Chain has given me the breadth of supply chain exposure I was looking for to take my career to the next level. The professors are committed to student's success and the caliber of students enhances the learning experience. During my studies lot of opportunities appeared every day. Today I'm a very happy person. I've got one year internship at Toyota Motor Europe (Intern-production parts logistics). Double degree is excellent choice for each student who wants to build international career, enrich knowledge and improve linguistic, technical and personal skills.
Darko Bošnjak
Back in Croatia I was working in a crisis management and consulting company when I decided to start studying at ZSEM. General MBA program was the best choice for me considering my engineering background. It was a great mix of management, marketing, finance and accounting courses with very experienced lecturers and good methods of learning through practical projects and actual case studies. Apart from being a great acknowledgement for ZSEM’s quality, receiving the internationally recognized AACSB accreditation also created many opportunities. For me it was the new agreement on student exchange with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Studying there for one year was an extraordinary experience. I was taking courses in supply chain management, logistics and finance when I got the job offer to become a Research Associate. I am grateful to ZSEM for giving me the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that encouraged me to compete with colleagues from all over the world.
Eva Fancev
Nanyang Technological University, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Singapore
I am a student of the MBA Program in Finance and Banking at ZSEM. The Program lasts one year after which a thesis must be written. In comparison to typical studies, its great advantage is interactivness throughout the Program, meaning that students are not passive listeners, but they have to participate actively in lectures. Classes are designed in a way that theoretical part is followed by the practical one. In the practical part, we analyze different case studies, and not those of few years ago, but the most recent ones. In this way students can more easily understand the theoretical part of the course and learn to apply it in practice. The Program is really intensive and time consuming. I would not suggest the last-minute study strategy. A disciplined and timely fulfillment of obligations is the shortest and easiest way to a successful completion of studies. It implies a year without hobbies and free-time activities, but it guarantees a quick completion of studies.
Draženko Kopljar
Member of the PBZ Board of Directors, Zagreb
Although ZSEM was not my first choice, there hasn’t been a moment that I thought I had made a mistake. ZSEM offers interactive student-teacher collaboration. Small group work enhances the efficiency of lectures. Since most lecturers are people from practice, the whole theory is explained to students through practical examples. The Program includes a lot of case studies in order for students to learn how to solve concrete problems at work. A great advantage of ZSEM is work in small groups where teachers can easily notice good students, whom they gladly assist in job search. Studying at ZSEM has helped me get into the swing of things at my workplace more easily and quickly while my superiors are very often surprised by the scope and quality of the knowledge that I have acquired.
Ana Šimić
Croatian National Bank, Zagreb
The first semester of the MBA Program in Management at ZSEM has surpassed all my expectations as far as the quality of faculty members is concerned. Visiting lecturers of the courses HRM, Leadership, Strategy and CSR are a true breath of fresh air in terms of interactive lectures, teaching materials and student engagement in the class. I have already applied into practice the acquired knowledge and, after the first semester, I can conclude that the MBA Program of ZSEM is an excellent supplement to the formal education and professional career.
Maša Smokvina Marinović
Ashland Inc., Zagreb
I have chosen ZSEM for several reasons. Classes held in the afternoon do not significantly affect my business activities. The support is excellent, provided through the modern literature (you are given everything what is necessary for each course) and web-platform, which enables a constant student-teacher communication, downloading of materials (presentations, case studies, exercises), exam registration, schedule control etc. The thing that really impressed me was a successful match of experience and youth. There is an excellent balance between foreign renowned lecturers and young researchers, who are at the very beginning of their teaching career. Just as at your work, you need the knowledge and experience to avoid old traps but also fresh ideas to embrace risks of new situations in a world which is constantly changing.
Milan Petković
GlaxoSmithKline, Zagreb

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