Students from the US, France, UK, Germany, Croatia and others in Leadership class

Dan Ebener, PhD, a professor from St. Ambrose University, is teaching Leadership to a diverse and international group of MBA students at ZSEM this week. Students from the MBA Management track and MBA Human Resource Management track have been joined by a group of American students who came to ZSEM for a week from St. Ambrose University. The group is also diverse as we have many international students who came to ZSEM for a semester and decided to take this course, such as France, the UK, Germany etc.

The professor has been teaching students about leadership techniques, and has done many exercises in class. For example, while students are in class, they are sitting in circles and students are learning to 'speed date' and take on leadership roles in a frame of a few minutes. As the group is very international, this makes class even more interesting and allows students to learn about cultures different from their own as well.





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