Strategy with professionals!

Last week students taking the Strategy course had a unique opportunity to learn from professionals who came to class each day as guest speakers. Professor Zlatko Mateša, PhD, organized speakers who come from completely different industries which was very useful for all students.

The guest speakers were:

Nenad Bakić

Croatia’s famous investor and entrepreneur who founded several companies in online, human resources and temporary employment. He is very famous for the STEM revolution and development in Croatia.

 strategy 10

strategy 1


Emil Tedeschi

Croatian entrepreneur, founder and the majority owner of Atlantic Grupa. Atlantic Grupa is one of the leading food companies in the region. He is also a ZSEM alumn.

strategy 9

strategy 8


Kristijan Ćurković

Board member of H1 Telekom as well as the COO. He received his degree from IMD in Lausanne. H1 Telekom is a Croatian owned company and one of the leading national alternatives for fixed telephony operators.
strategy 7
strategy 6

Bruce Yerkovich

With two completed doctorates, Bruce decided to follow his dream and founded the Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch in Croatia.
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strategy 5

Krešimir Kučko

CEO and president of the board of Croatian Airlines. Before becoming the president and CEO, he also worked as a sales manager for Croatia Airlines and the regional manager for Benelux region.
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strategy 2





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