Start of the new MBA academic year

On the occasion of the start of the new MBA academic year, orientation day for new students was held on March 1st in the Franck Superiore Espresso lecture hall, where students were given information about their study programme, faculty services and possibilities for international exchange.

DSC 0010

A welcome speech was held by Associate Dean Maja Martinović, PhD, after which the students were introduced to academic secretaries whom they can contact in case of any questions. The Career Center was presented by Associate Dean Olivera Jurković Majić, PhD, while Javier Aguayo, Director of International Office, spoke on behalf of the exchange program. Students also had the opportunity to hear first-hand experience of international exchange to Poland, the Kozminski University, from  Mate Despot. Finally, it was noted that for all information and questions during the academic year they can contact the MBA office. The ceremony was followed by a reception.

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