Graduate program in Corporate Finance



MBA in Corporate Finance

ZSEM’s MBA in Corporate Finance is intended for everyone that wishes to start a career in the private sector in the area of corporate finance. The curriculum of this program offers a broad and interdisciplinary education, but also centers on specific and special knowledge in the area of business administration, with a focus on quantitative courses in economics. This program is also well suited for financial analysts, accounting experts, a well as managers that wish to expand their skills to include knowledge in the areas of finance and accounting.

This program contains an optimal combination of courses in both finance and accounting. In the financial courses, students will learn about the financial management of organizations, financial institutions and markets, financial derivates, and how to analyze financial reports. At the conclusion of the financial part of the program, students will have an opportunity to manage investments in a practical example.

The accounting part of this program will cover analysis of international and Croatian standards of financial reporting, financial accounting instruments, the application of accounting information systems, auditing of financial reports, and techniques of accounting management that are used internally by company management. Besides courses that fall into the categories of finance and accounting, students will also take a course in Business Ethics and CSR, which is ever more relevant for those that wish to occupy senior positions within modern organizations. Many courses take place in one of ZSEM’s computer labs, and will introduce students to software for creating and analyzing databases in the areas of finance and accounting.

The professors in this program include seasoned professionals and prolific researchers in the area of finance and accounting.  This program lasts for two semesters and culminates with the creation of a Graduate Thesis.  




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