Petra Posedel Šimović, PhD

Departments: Master of Arts in Economics, Executive MBA Program, Quantitative Finance, Finance and Banking, Supply Chain Management, Management

Petra Posedel Šimović, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

Received her PhD. in Statistics at the University 'Luigi Bocconi', Institute of Quantitative Methods, Milano, Italy. She recived her master degree in Natural Sciences in Zagreb on 'Properties and evaluation of GARCH models'. At ZSEM she is working as a lecturer at the Department of Finance and the courses Introduction to financial econometrics and Applied econometrics. Before coming to ZŠEM she worked as a Lecturer in Financial Mathematics at graduate study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Zagreb, and as a senior assistant in mathematics and econometrics at the Faculty of Economics. She won the prize "Mijo Mirkovic" for scientific contributions, Zagreb Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb (2006).



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