Mladen Latković, M.Sc

Departments: Quantitative Finance

Mladen Latković, M.Sc

Curriculum Vitae

Mladen Latkovic, risk manager in Raiffeisen Mandatory Pension Fund Management Company gained his master degree in 1998 in field of theoretical condensed matter physics at Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. He worked as research and teaching assistant at Department of Theoretical Physics from 1994 to 2001 and spent one year on research in Laboratory Leon Brillouin at CEA Saclay, France with the help of French government scholarship. At the beginning of Croatian pension system reform in 2001 he joined Agency for Supervision of Pension Funds as assistant head of directorate in Directorate for financial and investment supervision where he worked on legislation and pension system design. In 2002 he joined Raiffeisen team in order to supervise investments of mandatory pension fund. He published several scientific articles related to theoretical condensed matter physics, nonlinear dynamics and financial economics. He is also a reviewer in journal Financial Theory and Practice. He is a member of Croatian Physical Society and international associations of risk professionals.



M. Latković and I. Liker: Sensitivity Analysis of Accumulated Savings in Defined Contribution Pension System, Financial Theory and Practice 33 (4) 431-447 (2009)

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