Dario Silić, PhD

Departments: Executive MBA Program, Quantitative Finance, Finance and Banking, Corporate Finance, Supply Chain Management

Dario Silić, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Vitez, where has finished primary and secondary school. In 2003 received the Ph. D. in Economics, specialization in money, finance and foreign trade, the University Lumiere Lyon 2 of Lyon, France with thesis : ""The Dynamics of Regional integration of the Croatian Economy"". In 2000 received the Master's Degree in Economics, the University Lumiere Lyon 2 of Lyon, France and MBA from the Lyon EM Management school, France. In 1999 graduated Economics, the University Lumiere Lyon 2 of Lyon, France. Research interests : Financial engineering, Corporate finance, European union. Researcher at the CNRS French National Research Institute in France. From 2007 external consultant and teacher on ZŠEM-u in Financial Management on MBA Bank and Finance. From 2006 external consultant and teacher on ZŠEM on 3rd year Corporate finance. From18.09.2000 Financial Manager in French company Bouygues within the framework of its concession company Bina Istra dd. From 01.03.2000 to 01.06.2000 research work in French embassy in the office of Economic Research in Zagreb. In 1999 he worked for a French company ELF in Lyon in France. In1998 he worked for a French company CROUS in Lyon in France." From 2004 Member of board of Croatian Corporate treasury Association From 2005 President of Financial group in Croatian Concessions Association. From 2007 to 2008 President of Supervisory Board of Platinum Fund Managment Company.


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