Boris Podobnik, PhD

Departments: Master of Arts in Economics

Boris Podobnik, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr. Boris Podobnik is a professor of economics at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, a research fellow at the Centre for Polymer Studies at Boston University, and a professor of finance at the University of Rijeka. He is also the Vice Dean for research at ZSEM. He holds a PhD in physics from the University of Zagreb and was a post-doc at Boston University in 1999. He teaches Econometrics at University of Zagreb, Advanced Econometrics at ZSEM, and Operational Research at the University of Rijeka. He collaborated or still collaborates with Boston University, Harvard University, National University of Singapore, University of Halle, Tokyo University of Information Sciences, University at Lecce, and East China University of Science and technology.

Dr. Podobnik  has more than 60 scientific publications in different  fields of science, ranging from nuclear physics, high energy physics, physiology, statistical physics, econometrics, and finance. His publication list includes Nature Physics, Physical review Letters, Scientific Reports, Quantitative Finance, and five papers in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The papers were cited more than 2000 times according to Web of Science. His H-factor is currently 25. He was the main researcher for the Croatian project Long-term correlations  in complex systems (2007-2012) and a bilateral Croatian-Slovenian project on heartbeat data (2008). He gave invited talks in Warsaw (2004), Turin (2006),  Lisbon (2007), Tokyo (2009), Shanghai (2011), Ljubljana (2012) and Zurich (2012) to mention a few.


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