Marija Mira Marušić, PhD

Departments: Management of Information Systems, Marketing, General MBA

Marija Mira Marušić, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Emeritus of the University of Zagreb. Holds a doctoral degree from University of Zagreb, M.S. from University of Rhode Island, USA. Her fields of interest in teaching are Market Research and Marketing Strategy. She has taught these courses both on undergraduate and graduate level at universities in Croatia, University of Rhode Island, University of Massachussetts and Suffolk University in US. Her research interests are in the areas of acceptance of Croatian products in foreign countries, suggesting marketing activities for Croatian exporters. Currently her research interest is in the field of social media, as well as the impact of their use by buyers and sellers. She has published numerous papers and has written two textbooks as a co-author. She has been a seminar leader and speaker in business and academic conferences and workshops. Consulting experience has involved conducting empirical studies on marketing strategy in consumer goods.



  1. Marušić, M. (2006) Plan marketinga (Marketing Plan), 2nd ed. Adeco, Zagreb (pp.121) ;

Peer Reviewed Paper Presentations:

  1. (2003) Marušić M i T. Vranešević, Mjerenje vrijednosti marke (Measuring Brand Equity), Zbornik Ekonomskog fakulteta u Zagrebu, Ekonomski fakultet. ;

Faculty Workshops:

  1. (2007) Metode istraživanja tržišta u turizmu (Research Methods in Tourism), University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu ;

Peer Reviewed Journals:

  1. (2008) Barnes, N. G. , E. Mattson i M. Marušić. Društveni mediji: istraživanje američkih poduzeća iz skupine The INC. 500 (The INC 500 and Social Media: Marketing research), Tržište, vol XX, No 1, pp 37-47. ;

Peer Reviewed Proceedings:

  1. Marušić M. I T. Vranešević, Brand Value: Application of Modern Measurement Tools, Marcus Evans Conference New Challenges in Brand Management, Prag, 2004. ;

Working Papers:

  1. (2007) Društveni mediji, razvoj u Hrvatskoj (Social Media, Development in Croatia), University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, 2006.

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