Jagoda Poropat Darrer, MA

Departments: Management of Information Systems

Jagoda Poropat Darrer, MA

Curriculum Vitae

Jagoda Poropat Darrer completed a Language Gymnasium with honors, and graduated from the Faculty of Philospohy and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb. In late 2008, she enrolled in a post-graduate doctoral program of linguistics in Zagreb. The theme of her doctoral dissertation is in the area of Business Communications. 

She was first an associate, and then became a regular lecturer at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management. on courses of the Marketing and Communication Department, was well as on courses of the Foreign Languages Department. From the 2008/09 academic year, she has been teaching the Rhetorics, Business Communications, Business Communications in English, and Italian Language courses.

She has also participate at rhetoric schools of the Croatian Philological Society, as well as at verbotonal courses of the SUVAG polyclinic. Her professional education continued at John Carroll University (Boler School of Business), and where she obtained additional education in the areas of business communication, communication, and theories of rhetoric through their Business Communication, Intercultural Communication, and Theory of Rhetoric courses.

Jagoda Poropat Darrer has also translated books in teh area of marketing (inlcuding books by Philip Kotler), as well as books in the area of communication and information communication, and textbooks in the area of management.

She is a member of the Croatian Philological Society. 


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