Igor Gvozdanović, PhD

Departments: Executive MBA Program, Supply Chain Management, Management of Information Systems, Management

Igor Gvozdanović, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Igor Gvozdanovic - serves as the CEO of Platinum Invest – a fund management company. Dr. Gvozdanovic is managing two equity funds (Platinum Blue Chip & Platinum Global Opportunity) and one cash fund (Platinum Cash). He also lectures at the ZSEM at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Gvozdanovic previously worked with Development Agency International (DAI) as a consultant on a USAID project of developing and increasing competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in the Croatian market. Prior to working as consultant with DAI, he managed Croatia office for Financial Services Volunteer Corps, which during his tenure provided a number of consulting projects to the financial industry. He also worked as consultant for Roche Diagnostics, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Basel, for whose logistic hub in Mannheim he assisted in developing and implementing the balanced scorecard model. Dr. Gvozdanovic earned the Doctorate of Finance degree at the SMC University in Switzerland.


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