Vera Čubranić Bocak, M.Sc

Departments: Executive MBA in HRM, Human Resource Management

Vera Čubranić Bocak, M.Sc

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Čubranić Bocak earned her Master's degree at the University of Padua in the area of Human Resource Management. She currently works for Nova TV, Croatia’s largest private national television station, as the Human Resources Director. Her previous employment included Selectio, a human resource management consulting company, where she served as the company’s executive director. During her time at Selectio, she was actively involved in the recruitment process, process implementation, rewards programs, performance management, career development, organizational culture development, and other areas of organizational interest.

She authored the Guide to Career Management (2004 – 2009 editions), and is a regular lecturer at regional Human Resource Management conferences, professional gatherings, and at the HR Academy. She is a certified MBTI trainer, and a Belbin consultant.

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