Li Choy Chong, PhD

Departments: Executive MBA in HRM, Human Resource Management

Li Choy Chong, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Li Choy Chong has been teaching Transformational Leadership at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management since 2010. He is also currently the Chair for International Management, and Director of the Asia Research Center at St. Gallen University in Switzerland, a Senior Advisor to the Office of the Economy at St. Gallen Canton in Switzerland, Academic Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, and the Executive Director of the ASEAN Learning Network.

During his long and distinguished career, Professor Chong has published dozens of books, chapters in books, journal articles, and other papers; his cumulative number of authored works is well over one hundred. Dr. Chong has also been the recipient of numerous awards for his outstanding work, including the Booz Allen Hamilton Prize, the Journal of Consumer Behavior Best Paper Award, the Consumer Behavior Track Best Paper Award, and others.

Dr. Chong’s areas of interest include International and Strategic Entrepreneurship, Management and Economic Development with a specific focus on Asia, Knowledge and R&D Management, Social Entrepreneurship, and others.

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