Executive MBA in HRM

Executive MBA Program is designed for professionals who wish to develop skills and knowledge of the MBA in HRM program and offers a unique possibility to study at weekends without neglecting professional and family commitments.

The EXECUTIVE MBA in HRM is a combination of business acumen and specific courses tailored for international HR specialists. The EXECUTIVE MBA in HRM holds a certificate issued by the American organization Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), confirming that the program curriculum is fully aligned with guidelines issued by SHRM. This puts ZSEM on the list of only 17 schools outside the United States of America holding this certificate. For students in the EXECUTIVE MBA in HRM, this means that their knowledge and skills will give them an advantage in the internationally competitive market upon finishing the program.

Classes will involve practical examples of human resource management in practice, video examples, case studies, and will be highly interactive. In this program, students will also take part in a computer simulation in which they will take the role of a Human Resource Manager, and make decisions on recruitment, promotions, salary increases, employee training, etc.  Based on the outcomes of their actions, they learn how HRM theory relates to practice. This program lasts for two semesters, in the second of which students will have to create a Graduate Thesis.

Study groups are small, as they are in all programs offered by the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, and communication between professors and students is direct. The lecturers represent a combination of Croatian of foreign experts in the area of Human Resource Management. The program is designed to provoke thinking about current and future challenges in managing people and the business world.

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